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On Crop Circles

    The Spirit of the Crop Circles: The life and work of veteran crop circle researcher Michael Glickman (1942-2022).

    As much as I value Merriam Webster on a daily basis, I have to take issue with their mainstream definition of crop circles:

    Definition of crop circle

    : a geometric and especially a circular pattern of flattened stalks in a field of grain now usually attributed to natural phenomena or to the work of hoaxers trying to create the impression of a visit by extraterrestrial beings

    If crop circles were natural phenomenon, it is highly doubtful they would have originated in the 1970s. And, if ALL crop circles were the work of hoaxers, then how can anyone explain the immense mathematical complexity and design of the latest crop circles?

    The immaculate designs alone point to areas that must be categorized and discussed as:

    Photo by Victor Freitas on Unsplash

    There’s more here than meets the eye.

    Discovering geometry properties encoded within crop circles, such as Pi, Michael wrote six books discussing the subject, Crop Circles, The Bones of God being his most popular work. The preposterous narrative that hoaxers create these magnificent wonders in the middle of the night, never for want of glory nor fame, only to deceive the masses year after year is not only ridiculously held by highly controlled mainstream institutions, like Merriam Webster, but linked to ufologists whose study of the subject has led to certain belief in a connection between ufos and crop circles.

    Questions Remain..

    ..we’ve got the What, Where, and When. It’s the How, Who, and Why that must be answered.

    Whenever I see blatant denial and/or ridicule coming from mainstream narratives I ask myself why are they so hellbent on preventing people from asking questions? In this case,

    The game is afoot!