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About Everlan

A thousand years after

the golden age of dragons

The Masters split Doth into two realms

Conor Jest Everlan series characters - Demeter and Gram

The Inner and The Outer

Living in the Inner, there are seven sisters and a little brother named Jax, all raised by their grandmother and her sister, Demeter, — the most respected witch in Doth.
Until Mayem’s curse.

Roulic is 900, a young man in Ancient years. Orphaned, he lives aimlessly in Doth’s Outer realm, hidden among the common mortalkin. Until he meets Aurora. Cursed to dwell at the pools of Everlan by the evil Mayem, Aurora makes Roulic an offer: Break Mayem’s curse by way of 3 deeds and her family of witches will aid him in finding his. In the Inner.

He must find the fabled Nine Oceans to break Mayem’s curse and reunite with his family. 
The witches have a score to settle. 
Roulic wants to find his brother, sister, and mother. 
The fate of Doth depends on the will of the witches, hope among friends, and the power of love.

“Time has shown us much,” Demeter said. “Yet I ask thee again, dear sister: Do we, can we, will we ever break the chain?”
“That remains to be seen,” Gram said.
Demeter whispered, “I guess we’ll have to charm that one tomorrow.” Gram got up and went upstairs.

Everlan Book One

“She’s my brand new Z3,” Jax boasted. “She’s a 2.8 liter 6-cylinder and can go zero to sixty in 7 and a 1/2 seconds.”
Roulic paled double checking his seatbelt. “Sixty, what?”
“Miles per hour,” Jax grinned.

Everlan Book Two

There were two of them, both wearing brown boots and colorful knitted wool caps. They stood at about 40 inches tall, one on either side of Roulic.
“Ello! and splendid morning to ya. I’m Andor and he’s Eeo. King Vim has commissioned us to escort you to Trumbleton Wells to aid us with our high dilemma.” Roulic looked at Eeo who only nodded, blinking big blue eyes.

Everlan Book One
The Perlytok, a mystical portal key that holds hope for both Mortalkin and creature folk, living in Doth.

Made by the Masters

Roulic is sent to retrieve the Perlytok, a mystical portal key that holds hope for both Mortalkin and creature folk, living in Doth.

As Roulic steps closer to bridging the depth’s of true love, and his ultimate fate with Ravenna, he faces the shadow of Mayem standing between them.

Realms a world away

Like twins, the Inner and Outer realms of Doth share similar features and reveal unique qualities over time.

Bridged to the Outer by hidden portals, the Inner remains home to The Fae, The Gnomes, and a host of creatures living among mortalkin farmers, fishers, and pirates. Dragons are seldom seen in Doth but recent sightings in both realms have led to hearty discussions of the Dragons Return.

Dyad and Brac - Everlan fantasy series dragons of Doth.
EJ Lavery narrates Where the Witches Dwell - Everlan fantasy series Book One.
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“Magically Brilliant”

Listen to Where the Witches Dwell narrated by master storyteller,
EJ Lavery.

Series: Everlan, Book 1
Length: 13 hrs and 3 mins
Language: English

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Everlan series

Everlan fantasy series Book One - Where the Witches Dwell available in audio ebook hardcover and paperback formats.

audio ebook hardcover paperback

Where the Witches Dwell – Everlan Book One

Everlan fantasy series available at select retailers
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